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Archivistic Consultancy
The Archives Consulting services involve the effective production of Document Management Instruments, identification of weaknesses and compliance with relevant legislation.
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Digitalization of Documents
The digitalization of documents consists of performing an intelligent way to allow the visualization and availability of the information organized, captured and indexed in a computerized tool. IKHON has a number of active Scanning bureaus, with a team specializing in capturing and processing data.
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Mapping of Processes
Process Mapping using BPMN techniques.
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Proton Software
Proton is a system developed with features to collect, manipulate, process, store, produce results, disseminate data and information and manage management reports.
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Scanning Bureau
Our bureaus are assembled with the best equipment and technology available for processing high document volumes according to the needs of our customers.
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Organization of Files
The File Organization services involve the availability of specialized staff to carry out the activities of sorting, sanitizing, classification, application of temporality and indexing of documentary information.
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The Document Management in any organization can promote the control of expenses, the standardization of activities and operations, mainly add value to the productive processes, providing the facility of planning the stages.

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Investing in information technology provides the fluidity of information for all levels of management and professionals involved in all business processes.

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Unique because we promote employee results and because we generate results for our customers. We have the ability to turn human potential into results. And this is only possible because we have experience, quality, support and commitment to what we offer as products and services.

At Vikhon we have the resources and experience to handle your very large complex material management and provisioning needs.
We understand that customers aren’t just looking for data management. They want solutions that will materialize into cost savings and increased efficiencies for their business.

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When we make investments in information technology we are almost always trying to automate one or several business processes, with the main objective of making the business more efficient.

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Unique because we have solid partnerships that make it possible to further expand our portfolio of services in the area of ​​document management and management.